Friday, October 21, 2011

Qadaffi Dead - Mean anything to us?

Well, it's an interesting thought.  Does Qadaffi being killed mean anything to us.. the expaters?

Well, I'll say this much about it without delving too far into the political realm.  I can say with 100% confidence and experience that had a unit of US soldiers captured Qadaffi alive... he would not have been killed.  That means something.

What does it mean?  Our men are moral, value human life and respect the rule of law.

The rest of the world does not.  They (the world) do not respect the rule of law, respect human life or value life.

However, I respect the fact that this country, like Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries is/was under extreme repression from this regime, therefore their morals and respect for the rule of law was skewed.

Hmm.. So does that mean that the rest of the world is innately immoral or incapable of appreciating these values?  Absolutely not.

Lincoln said '
They are just what we would be in their situation.'.  

This has been proved time again in psychological testing and experiments since WWII.  People will do extreme things to survive, it's conditioning in the extreme and much like Maslov's Bell they can be conditioned to do ... things.

In the end of this episode, I say that Qadaffi 'reaped what he had sown'.  It's a good thing for the world for him to be gone,  it does not portend good things to come in that there are a significant generation of people in these places that do not value human life, do not have a solid moral foundation (regardless of religion) and have had very poor examples of moral leadership.

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