Tuesday, September 6, 2011

US Engineer/Contractor Killed in Kabul

This should be a reminder to all of us expat/engineers/contractors that work in Afghanistan and other places.  See the story here .  Folks, this is a warzone.  It is dangerous.  Yes I know the mountains outside Kabul and Bagram are beautiful.  I know that back where you come from you like to hike and meet the local folks.  You just cannot do that in Afghanistan.  I do not, have not and will not trust the local population in that country.  It's just the way it is. 

As much as they are kind, helpful and show all kinds of courtesy and gratitude for things that you may do for or with them, the bottom line is when push comes to shove they will sell you out.  It's cold, hard reality folks.  If someone kidnapped your family, your young daughter/wife/sister and told them that if you did not bring that American to them they would kill or torture/rape your wife/daughter/sister then you would do it.  That is the situation on the ground there.  Sorry to break the news, but the culture there is just not for us Americans.  Go there, earn money, come home.  Stay safe, follow the rules, do not tread off the beaten path. 

Another story that broke today in the same link above, that 2 Germans were killed while hiking North of Kabul.  Hiking?  Are you kidding me. Seriously guys, this is a warzone!  You can get kidnapped, tortured and killed.  I don't know why anyone would take it any other way.  I am sorry for their families loss of course.

Guys, please treat this seriously.  Go there, make money and come home. 

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  1. I've seen it dozens of times. People relax, think they understand the culture they're living in, and develop a trust of the populace. As pointed out, this is a war zone. These folks are NOT your friends and this is not a vacation spot. Though there's natural beauty about everywhere you look, there are also those just about everywhere you look who want you dead. Don't forget that.